my mission: Ethical + Sustainable Fashion


Not only are you supporting a small independent business, but you're shopping green.
An estimated 1 million tons of textile waste is produced each year. Re-sale fashion is one of the most sustainable industries within the fashion realm. When you buy pre-loved clothing you are promoting a culture of thoughtful consumption - By actively recycling within the fashion industry you are helping to reduce textile waste. Conscious, affordable, and one of a kind.

My name's Conner. I'm a twenty-something selling mostly just clothes I would wear myself. I grew up in thrift stores (by no choice of my own) and subsequently became kind of obsessed. Baby's Basement started on eBay in April 2017 and has grown into something I'm very proud of. Just me with the support of my loved ones.

All of the models used are friends — people I've known forever, met through odd jobs or volunteered via Instagram. They do their own hair and/or make-up and help style themselves. They are all just really good, really real people. I also feature some of my favourite small + local businesses (because supporting your community is cool).

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